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Wastewater Treatment Powder Activated Carbon

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1.Product introduction
Wastewater treatment powder activated carbon uses the coal, coconut shell, nut shell, wood and etc as raw material, is processed by experts developed, and has a long history and experience of wastewater purification. It can be used for the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater, mercury-containing wastewater, phenol-containing wastewater, methanol-containing wastewater, and the advanced wastewater treatment of oil refinery, which enjoys high field in the water treatment industry.
2.Physical and chemical properties analysis(GB/T12496—1999):
Test data
Test data
200 mesh
Methylene blue value
10 mg/g
iodine volume
≥900 mg/g
Bulk specific weigh
Specific surface area
>950 m²/g
Total pore volume
>0.85 cm³/g
Heavy metals
≤6 %

Wastewater treatment activated carbon:
 How the water is contaminated? There are two main reasons: one is natural, the other is artificial.
Because of rainwater dissolution of all kinds of ores role, and lots of dust caused from volcanic eruptions and the wind erosion modulus of arid areas fall into water to cause pollution, which belongs to natural pollution. To discharge lots of untreated industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and various garbage, that is causing water quality deterioration, belongs to the artificial pollution. The water pollution generally referred by people is the second one, and is the main pollution.
Our company is specialized in research of wastewater treatment activated carbon, the carbon has the applicable scope to be broad, strong absorption capacity, high mechanical strength and etc. It is widely used for recycling and purification of all kinds wastewater.

Songshan wastewater treatment activated carbon is widely used for the treatment of
municipal wastewater, drinking water and industrial wasterwater.

1. Municipal wastewater treatment
The municipal wastewater contains some substances,which is difficult to be oxidized and degraded by microorganism and general oxidation, Such as phenol, benzene, oil and its products, pesticides, detergent, synthetic dyes, amine compounds and many artificial synthetic organics. It is difficult to reach higher requirements on emissions of water emissions standards, is also seriously affecting the wastewater reuse, so the wastewater needs advanced treatment.
Because of
strong absorption capacity, the activated carbon is widely used in the advanced wastewater treatment.
1)      High processing degree. After the advanced treatment of municipal wastewater, BOD can reduce 99%, TOC can drop to 1 ~ 3mg/L. 
2)      Wide application. It is effective to vast majority of wastewater, including hardly-decomposed organic compound by microorganism.
3)      Strong adaptability. For water yield and the changes of organic load have strong adaptation performance, can get stable effect treatment.
4)      Granular carbon can undertake renewable repeated , the organic adsorption in renewable process can be burned off, do not produce sludge.
5)      Recycling useful substances. Such as using carbon to treat hydroxybenzene-containing wastewater, with alkali regeneration absorbing saturated activated carbon, the phenol sodium salt can be recycled.
6)      Equipment compact, easy to manage.

2.Drinking water advanced treatment
  Active carbon absorption is built on conventional water treatment, usually seted after the sand filtration, also can compose double filter or use activated carbon filter instead of sand filter.
In the advanced treatment process of drinking water, there is a plenty of microbialon the activated carbon filter material, which makes the effluent quality improvie and regeneration extend.So a biological carbon process is developed, which can economic and effective remove the micro pollutant in the water.
The technological process: 
Raw water----(Join coagulants)---- Clarification-----Filter(Join ozone)----- Activated carbon adsorption--- Water output

3.Industrial wastewater treatment  
Many industrial wastewater is difficult or cannot use biological treatment, if use another methods, some of which cannot reach effluent standard, or high operation cost, or complex operation, such as toxic organic compounds and some metal and compounds, etc. Engineering practice shows that activated carbon has strong ability to adsorb these materials.